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MidMichigan Youth Soccer League

Requesting Roster/Player Cards -  In an effort to prioritize the work invovled with creating Team Rosters and Player Cards the following form has been created.  Please fill out the form when your team is ready for their information to be reviewed and approved.  Prior to submitting this request please make sure to verify the registration documents have been collected and the coaches have completed their Risk Management Card, Safesport Certification and Heads Up Concussion Training.  Roster/Player Card Request Document

Requesting Access to Team Registration Information - MMYSL has teamed up with SportsForms to gather all of our registration information.  Every year a new folder is created.  When your team is ready to review your information, email registrar@mmysl.net for access to the folder and it will be granted.

Club Passcards - Players can club pass to another team in their club playing for the same league up to 2 games per week.  To club pass, add the player as a primary player in the registration event and email the registrar letting them know which players to change their status to Club Pass rather than Primary.  Any 1 team is limited to 5 club pass players per game per MMYSL Rules

Dual Rosters - 
Players who are dual rostering no longer need an official form.  However, an email needs to be sent to primary/secondary team coaches and primary/secondary team league registrars for approval.  Once this is done players can be added to MMYSL roster.  Any 1 team is limited to 5 dual roster players per MMYSL rules.