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MidMichigan Youth Soccer League


How to prepare for your game.
  • Bring Match Card, Player Cards and Referee Money
  • Assist Spectators sitting in the correct areas
  • Support Referees and Good Sportsmanship

Each team should bring the following items to their game:
  • Match Card or Game Card (This can only be printed 48 hours prior to game time).  The game sheet with the most accurate roster should be used by the referee.
  • Player Cards
  • Any Non-Player on the Coaching Sideline must have Risk Management card available
  • Referee Money (provided by Home Team). Please note in the Spring this will change and each team will bring 1/2.
  • Players properly equipped.
The Match Card should have the following on it ready to go for the referee:
  • Write in the Risk Management number for any coach/manager on the match card.
  • Cross off any players not playing in the match.
  • Make sure all players have jersey numbers on the match card.  If there are changes write them in.
  • Write in any club pass players completely with ID Number, First/Last Name, DOB and Jersey #.

During the game, please make sure the team and spectators sit on one side of the field and the other team and spectators sit on the opposite side of the field.

Post Game
Each team should verify the score and roster on the game sheet and sign the game sheets after completed by the referees.  The signed copy by referees and both team officials will be the official score. A picture of the signed game sheet by each team official and referee should be taken by each team as if there are any discrepancies the copy signed by team officials and referees stands.

The Home Team is responsible for reporting the score and uploading the game sheet for all games in which they are the home team regardless of game location.