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MidMichigan Youth Soccer League

Mid-Michigan Youth Soccer League

Player Registration Information

Each Player needs to complete the player registration form.  MMYSL has teamed up with SportsForms.  Follow the link below.  Be prepared to have your birth certificate and a profile picture.



Team Registration Information

With the GotSport platform, teams must register for both events for the Fall season.  You must complete the Registration Event, prior to the Fall Scheduling Event. There is only a fee in the Registration Event.  For the Spring Season, please contact the MMYSL Registrar, Liz Peterson to register your returning fall teams for the spring season.

MMYSL 2023/2024 Registration Event

MMYSL Fall 2023 Scheduling League Event

MMYSL Spring 2024 Scheduling League Event

Club Payment for Team Registrations

MMYSL will only be accepting online payments.  In the registration process, a question will ask for email address of the person that should receive the invoice for payment.   Invoices will be sent from the MMYSL Treasurer, one per club due by March 1st, 2024.