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MidMichigan Youth Soccer League

Have the game sheet from your schedule in GotSoccer.   This is available 2 days before each game. 
Have your passcards for each player on the roster.   Guest players should be added to GotSoccer in advance of printing the game card.   

Click for instructions.
Have Risk Management cards or numbers for each non player present that
will interact with the team
Have a STAMPED envelope addressed to:
MMYSL Commissioner
PO Box 17 
Auburn, MI 48611
The HOME team should have the complete referee payment
Have players properly equipped
Post Game
Verify and sign the game sheets after completed by the referees
Winning team records the scores in GotSoccer:
Web: www.gotsport.com/events/scoring
Phone-In: 904-758-0875
Event ID: 70158 PIN: 2019
Show appropriate sportsmanship