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MidMichigan Youth Soccer League

Phone-In System

1) The winning team must call in the score to GotSoccer within 48 hours of the end of the game (failure to do so will result in fines). Log into your team account by going to www.gotsoccer.com and clicking on ‘login’

2) Select the Teams login 

3) Enter your team username and password. Press Login. Please Note: If you have lost or forgotten your username and password, the system will send them to the manager and coach email address associated with the team account. It is vital that your email addresses are correct as this is also the way MSPSP will communicate to your team. 

4) Once you are in the team account click on the MSPSP Spring 2011 Premier League link 

5) Look for the Schedule tab and click it. Once the schedule is published, you will see your schedule and to the left of each game a PDF icon that will give you the game # and call in information. 

6) Open the PDF file and you should see a printer icon or you can click File and select Print. 

7) The winning team (or the home team in the event of a tie) must phone in the game score immediately after the game. Please confirm the score with the referee in the presence of the opposing team’s representative. 

8) To phone in the score you will need: 

                a. The phone number (Located on Game Card)
                b. The event ID (Located on Game Card)
                c. The PIN (Located on Game Card)
                d. The game number (found on your schedule to the left of the date)
                e. The score (red and yellow cards are to be entered by teams) 

This information is found on the game card. Please make sure that you enter the home and away team score as it is listed on the schedule not where the game was played. 

9) Teams can subscribe to the ‘GotSoccer Get Scores’ feature if they wish. This module will automatically send a text and or email of any score entered for the team and or division depending on your subscription choice. There is no cost other than your normal text message costs. No advertisements will be sent and once the league is finished, no other scores will be sent. This feature is event specific. We suggest this because you will see the exact score entered within 1 minute of the system receiving the game score. Any corrections should be made at the field. Simply reenter the score. 

To Subscribe to Get Scores

1) Click on the league public schedule page

2) Click on the Get Scores link on the menu bar

3) Using U13 as an example:

                a. If you click on just U13 you will receive scores from all U13 games
                b. If you click on Red you will receive scores for just the Red Division
                c. If you click on Teams and then select your team you will receive scores for just your team.

Anyone can subscribe, again there is no cost other than normal text message fees.

4) Once you have made your selection, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter one or both, your email or text message number, your text message number is just your cell phone number, then select your provider from the drop down list.

5) Finally, click Subscribe 


Good luck this season!