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MidMichigan Youth Soccer League

MMYSL Documents

MSYSL Rules and Regulations
7 v 7 Laws


MMYSL Registration Document 
Affilation Application 
Trophy Reinbursement 
Incident Report 
Injury Report
Michigan Premier Application 
Medical Release Form 
Player Code of Conduct 
MMYSL Player Release
Dual Roster

                                           MMYSL Referee Fees

MMYSL Divisioning

MMYSL will create divisions based on age group and previous standings when available.  At minimum the even number age groups will be used (U10, U12, U14). MMYSL will assign 8 matches per team, it is the team's responsibility to schedule the matches.  Teams will be moved to as needed to fill divisions if divisions don't have a minimum number of teams.

Divisions will be built as follows:  

  • Division of 5: One group of five teams. Each team will play home and away for 8 games total. 

  • Division of 6: Two groups of three teams. Each team will play home and away for 10 games total. 

  • Division of 7-9: One group of seven to nine teams.   Each team will play random home or away games against each team.   For divisions of seven or eight, there will be additional games scheduled randomly to make 8 games total. 

  • Division of 10: Two groups of five teams, one Gold Division and one Silver Division. Each team will play home and away for 8 games total.

  • Divisions of 11 or More: Two or more groups sized as even as possible.  These will have divisions rating from Gold (highest), Silver, and Bronze.